Welcome back! It is time for more great tips on how to turn your home green (in the very best of ways). Headleveler is all about doing things that will help your body, not harm it. And we want you to be all about that too! Read on to find some absolutely genius (but very simple!) ideas.

6. Use metal or glass water bottles instead of plastic water bottles

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In order to stay healthy, you should be drinking water throughout the day. In fact, it is a fantastic idea to keep a water bottle with you wherever you go. This does not mean, however, that you should pick up a case of water bottles from the grocery. Instead, get a nice reusable water bottle that can be your buddy for years to come! This is a great idea for kids. Not only will they love having their own water bottle, it will save a stop at the gas station for water during the road trip or the outing to the park.     

7. Hang up your clothes to dry

This doesn’t have to be for every load of laundry. But every now and then, especially on a sunny day, skip the dryer cycle and let your clothes air dry on a clothesline. The benefits of this are obvious! Oh, and when you do dry your clothes in a dryer, we suggest that you skip the dryer sheets all together.

Bonus Laundry Tip: If you have a small load of laundry, consider waiting until you can combine it with another small load. That way, the washing machine only has to run once instead of twice. This might seem like it would make a small difference. But if you get into a habit, the results will be staggering!

8. Turn off lights

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This is, quite literally, as simple as flipping a switch. And it is even more motivating to know that going green can save you money on your electric bill as well! Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you leave a room. If you need too (for instance, if you have children), turn it into a game with different family members. Whoever leaves the lights on has to pay a forfeit! If you are a forgetful person (you are not alone!), you can even hang up a sign for a few days, until you get in the swing of things.   

9. Use natural scents

Headleveler Home Green Healthy Happy Sleep Clean

Choose wisely when you are getting scents for you house. Like cleaning supplies (remember that from Part One?), many fragrances and home scents are really full of nasty chemicals. Instead, use natural perfumes and scents. Or better yet, ditch the sprays altogether and use essential oils in your home or aromatic flowers. Your brain will be able to function far better, and you yourself will feel far more content, when your home is full of natural scents.      

10. Going green & getting rid of stuff you don’t need

Sure, it might be hard to let go of some of your tools and appliances. But it’s time to start thinking about what you do and don’t need. And it’s time to start thinking about items in your home that might be harmful. Before you commit to actually getting rid of something, try life without it. For example, unplug your microwave and put it in the garage for a while. Yes, it’s possible (and much healthier) to live without a microwave! What else can you do without for a healthier, more vibrant life?

Going green may take a little extra thought. But it is completely worth it! Both your mind and your body will be far healthier. And the earth will thank you too!

As we think about a healthy lifestyle, it is important to realize that how we sleep is a huge part of whether or not we are refreshed for each new day. You might want to check out our website to see how you can improve your life by improving your sleep!