How long ago was it that you had your best sleep you’ve ever had? We’re sure those nights come few and far between. We are a busy society, we’re constantly plugging away at the next big project, watching “one more episode” before bed and of course attempting to bribe our children into their bedrooms at a decent hour. Whether you love it or hate it one thing is for sure, everyone needs sleep, and it’s no help to you if good is not coming to you naturally. Restless nights can make you more prone to sickness, has been linked to weight gain and will leave you with a foggy, unhappy mind.

Here are a few quick tips to ditch your mediocre sleep routine and get you feeling the benefits of a peaceful night!

Make Your Bed & Sleep well!

Yes, it’s really that simple and your mom will be oh so proud of you! It’s not going to cure your bout of insomnia, but mbedroom tidy sleepaking your bed will become a part of your sleeping routine, something which researchers agree that makes for a better night’s sleep. Adding to that, the National Sleep Foundation suggest that people sleep much better when
their bedrooms are comfortable and clean. Of those surveyed, the bed-makers were 19% more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep more often than not!

Create a De-Stress Routine… and Stick to It!

No matter what you do at night, be sure to give yourself at least 15-30 minutes to de-stress and relax before bedtime. No, we’re not meaning you should curl up with a glass of wine and watch one last episode! Dr. Epstien, the co-author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep explains that, “Our body craves routine and likes to know what’s coming. By creating a pre-sleep ritual, you’re establishing a clear association between certain activities and sleep.”

So, if you take a bubble bath, read a few chapters or do some breathing exercises before heading to bed, your body will begin to realize that it is time to slow down, relax and it’s time for it to start preparing for sleep!

Ditch the Electronics at the Door

electronic devices sleep

Ok, there’s no denying that this one is a hard one… but don’t get discouraged! There is just so much research out there proving that keeping your tablets, smartphones and televisions outside of the bedroom is only for the best. “It’s very well-proven: Bright screens at night can shift your circadian rhythm by hours,” Dr. Emmanuel J. Mignot, a physician and a professor of sleep medicine at Stanford School of Medicine told Mercury News. “Physiologically, it makes sense. We’re not that different than animals. We synchronize our circadian rhythm to light, and light has a profound effect.” It’s also difficult to really wind down if we’re in constant interaction with the outside world. There’s always that one more email we can send off if our phones are near the bed which can lead to stress which then leads to another restless night. So charge your gadgets in another room instead of beside your bed!


Invest in a Good Bed Set

Not only will a picture perfect bedroom boost your spirits, the National Sleep Foundation revealed earlier this year that Nine out of ten persons livoptimize sleeping in america say that both a comfortable mattress and comfortable pillows as important for getting a good night’s sleep as any other routine. Updating your pillows and mattresses is something many may not think about, and is something that many are not educated on! Experts in sleep science believe that pillows should be changed every two years and duvets every five. Mattresses can have a life of up to ten years, but if you’re not sleeping well, consider ditching it at year seven!