Fall is in the air: a crisp chill in the air, gorgeous fall leaves on the trees, and plenty of fun fall outdoor activities! Some of my favorite memories are from fall hours spent outside, or even just driving through the country, looking at the gorgeous scenery. Spending time outdoors in the autumn is fun for the entire family–and it’s not just about the fun. It’s also critical to your health to spend plenty of time outdoors during the amazing fall months. Outside time can help improve your memory, decrease pain, and even fight depression. It’s especially important to get outside during the fall months and enjoy the sunlight before the long, cold winter nights arrive, making it more difficult to get outside. Are you looking for ideas to enjoy this fall? There are plenty of fall outdoor activities to choose from.

Idea #1: Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Fun Fall Autumn Outdoor Activities Family Healthy Pumpkin Colors Sleep

Whether you have kids or not, visit a local farm and head out to the pumpkin patch to pick up your Halloween pumpkins–or grab a pumpkin to make your pie for Thanksgiving. Many farms offer hay rides out to the site of the patch, or you can take a quick walk through the rows of pumpkins on your own two feet.

Idea #2: Check Out a Corn Maze

You’re lost, but you’re laughing and having fun at the same time: that’s the principle behind many corn mazes. These mazes spring up throughout the autumn months, letting you wander around in nature while laughing with some of the people closest to you. Some farms also offer corn mazes or hay bale mazes designed specifically for little ones, so no matter what size your family might be, you can still take a walk in the corn. For an added chill and thrill, consider visiting a haunted corn maze after dark.

Idea #3: Go Apple Picking

Apples are ripe on the trees, and there are so many amazing things you can make with them: apple pie, apple cider, sliced apples in dip, apple chips, and more. Head out for an afternoon of apple picking with someone special in your life. Even the kids can get in on the fun as they pull apples from the lower branches.

Idea #4: Go for a Hike

Fun Fall Autumn Outdoor Activities Family Healthy Pumpkin Colors Sleep

Do you have nature trails nearby–especially trails through the mountains? The gorgeous fall weather is the perfect opportunity to check out the beautiful trails in your area. Look up at the gorgeous leaves, explore familiar or not-so-familiar trails, or visit a waterfall for a gorgeous fall outdoor spectacle.

Idea #5: Go for a Walk and Collect Leaves

Fall is the perfect time of year to walk through a local park–but you don’t have to leave the great fall experience there! Consider picking up a few leaves and taking them home with you for some fun fall leaf crafts that will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Collect leaves in different colors, try to find leaves from different types of trees, or just pick up the brightest ones you can find.

Idea #6: Run a Race

Fall is a great time to dust off your running shoes and check out a local 5k–or longer race, if you’re so inclined. Many schools and other facilities offer Turkey Trots over Thanksgiving weekend, when the air is cool and perfect for a nice, long run.

This autumn, get outside and learn more about all the great fall outdoor activities you can enjoy. Since fall weather is unpredictable, have a backup plan in place and be willing to change plans if needed–and then go have fun! There are so many great fall activities to enjoy, you may be amazed by just how much fun you have as you make memories, learn more about your area, and explore the great outdoors.