SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, has been in the news a lot lately with many parts of the country experiencing long, cold winters. Orange / Amber light wakes us up and helps us with the symptoms but there is still much you may not know. We’ve got ten items that might just surprise you.

Those Exposed to Orange Have a Higher Cognitive Skills

Research on Orange / Amber light wakes us up! has shown that those who have been exposed to orange and amber lights have a higher level of cognitive skills than those who have had no exposure. If this hypothesis is proven, there are even more disorders the treatment can help including Autism and other disorders that affect our youth.

Helps Muscle Cramps:  Light therapy is not a new concept for SAD but it is new for dealing with other ailments like muscle cramps. Not only will the orange and amber light therapy help you deal with your SAD symptoms, it will also help with muscle aches and pains, including menstrual cramps.

Helps With Bodily Functions: It is a little-known fact that having exposure to orange light helps to improve kidney, lung and digestive functions. It is quickly becoming a trend in treating disorders and conditions like IBS where, until now, addictive medications with adverse side effects have been the only course of treatment. This type of light therapy is emerging as a go-to for all natural types of treatment for those who do not want or cannot have medications.

Mood Enhancing: One of the best treatments found in orange and amber light therapy is the mood enhancing ability. It can make a tough day better by promoting feelings of courage, higher self-esteem, happier and provides more energy. When you lack orange, you may feel stressed, fatigued, lethargic and confused.

It is Possible to Have Too Much Orange

While the benefits of orange are better than being without, it is possible to overdose on orange. When you are exposed to a lot of orange and amber light, be sure to watch for symptoms like becoming excessively confused, lethargic or overly pessimistic.

Promotes Healing of Many Conditions: In addition to being helpful for your mood and bodily functions, there are also healing components to the orange light therapy. Some of the conditions that orange can help cure or ease the symptoms include Arthritis, Asthma, the common cold, Depression, self-doubt and even kidney failure.

Can Be Done in Your Home: While taking advantage of light therapy can be done through a doctors’ help, you can achieve the same benefits from the comfort of your own home. Since this is a natural therapy that does not require a high level of training, you can purchase the equipment needed to give you the experience and advantages of the therapy without the expense of a doctor’s visit.

Encourages Spleen Health: According to The Chakra System, our bodies are made of light and each color depicts the health of a certain body part and sense. The color orange promotes the health of our spleen as well as our sense of courage and emotional strength. When we have a good balance of Orange in our system, it will help us feel stronger, have more courage and allow us to follow our dreams while promoting our overall health.

amber light sleep awake alert

Seeing the future in a new Amber light

Light therapy is not a new concept for those who suffer from various depressive disorders like SAD, but the use of light therapy and how Orange / Amber light wakes us up! is a fairly new concept. Until recently, experts had little knowledge of how this treatment helps us in every aspect of health. The way that Orange / Amber light wakes us up! is simple: When our entire body works to maintain a pain-free, confident and relaxed atmosphere within itself, it is easier for us to fall asleep faster, wake up easier and be more refreshed, pain-free and happy the next morning, without the use of coffee, caffeine or unhealthy energy drinks. If you are yearning for a refreshed feeling when you wake, use your light therapy in conjunction with a good, high quality pillow that will keep your entire spine aligned.