The Best Vacation Spots for Sleep

No one is getting any good sleep these days. Our lives are so busy. We cram as much into every second of every day as possible. By the time we get to crawl under the covers, we can’t get our mind to slow down to the same pace as our body and end up lying awake half the night. This lack of sleep is nothing new. According to recent studies, more than 60% of Americans have insomnia and experience sleeplessness more than four times per week. There is a whole sleep industry that aims to remedy sleepless nights by selling us custom pillows and specialized mattresses. One of the more extravagant sleep products becoming all the rage lately are sleep vacations. There are hotels that have started catering specifically to people who want to spend their time sleeping.

Vacations sleep rest healthy happy Headleveler Ortho-Cerv Pillow Back Neck Pain

Rest and Renew Vacations at the Benjamin Hotel in New York, NY

With a 24-hour sleep concierge and an on-staff sleep specialist, you are bound to get some good rest here. Their Rest and Renew experience offers a dozen pillow choices, black out shades, fresh lavender, midnight snacks, evening massages and nightly reminders to turn off electronics one hour from bed time. Guests get a sleep mask, ear plugs and even a library of lullaby music.

Grab Some Extra Z’s at the Lorien Hotel and Spa in Alexandria, WV

The dream service menu at this hotel offers guests a variety of pillow options to treat everything from anxiety to allergies. Relaxing scent diffusers waft lilac or lavender through the room. Ipods loaded with lullaby’s and bath salts to help relax guests before bedtime enhance the sleep experience. Snore relief, natural sleep aids, and milk and cookies are always available.

Check out the Sleep Enhancement Wellness Program at Kamalya in Koh Samui, Thailand

Vacations sleep rest healthy happy Headleveler Ortho-Cerv Pillow Back Neck Pain

This sleep vacation is sure to have you feeling rejuvenated and reenergized. The sleep enhancement program includes acupuncture and massage but also lifestyle consultations, steam caverns, and plunge pools that work together to ensure you don’t leave until you are completely rested. Guests are encouraged to attend the seminars that address sleep issues and how important it is to good health.

Six Senses Integrated Wellness Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

This hotel is one of the most luxurious of all luxury hotels. Small bungalows dot the amazing countryside and carriages arrive at your doorstep to take you anywhere you’d like to go on the property. Each guest has their own person GEM or guest experience manager to make sure every moment the most amazing it can be. These vacations are specifically tailored to each guest’s personal likes and dislikes. A healthy, sustainable lifestyle is encouraged. Sleep is induced with their handmade mattresses and pillows. Organic sheets, towels, and bathrobes keep guests feeling pampered.

Vacations sleep rest healthy happy Headleveler Ortho-Cerv Pillow Back Neck Pain

Stay Home and Sleep

If a sleep vacation is not in the budget, it can be replicated at home. Black out the windows, turn down the temperature, and slip into clean sheets. Play soft music and burn a scented candle. Spray the bed with a lilac bedding spray a few minutes before you slip into bed. Plan your sleep day like you would any other vacation. Make sure you will not be bothered and can fully enjoy your sleep and relaxing time. Have a quick snack about 90 minutes before you go to bed. Shower and put on your most comfy PJs on. Sip a cup of warm milk or tea while you listen to music or read.

Sleep vacations are all the rage. You can probably find a good deal at hotel near you. Sleep vacations are great at home, if you can keep from being disturbed. No matter how you schedule your sleep vacation, don’t underestimate the importance of recharging and relaxing on a regular basis.