Let’s face it; once the holidays are behind us, we spend the rest of the winter longing for spring. Spring brings with it new life and a chance for a fresh start and rejuvenation.

How to make the most of spring:

Spring means bulky sweaters, boots, and parkas go back into storage, and our spring wardrobe makes its way to the front of our closet. But we shouldn’t limit our spring attitude to wardrobe changes.

Our homes represent our sanctuaries. Giving your home a spring “facelift” will lift your spirits and help you make the most out of this lovely season.

Spring cleaning oasis create happy healthy home headleveler orthocerv pillow sleep

Spring cleaning:

Okay, so housework doesn’t sound very fun. But, with the right attitude, a complete spring cleaning will do wonders for the foundation of your spring oasis. Consider these health benefits of a thorough cleaning:

  • Cleaning relieves stress-Removing anxiety causing clutter naturally reduces stress.
  • Better breathing- Removing allergens from the air and surfaces does wonders for allergy sufferers. Make sure to use non-toxic cleaners. Citrus-based cleaners add an extra degree of freshness and a pleasant scent.
  • Improved mood- A clean abode gives you a fresh start and helps you tackle other problems efficiently.
  • Exercise- Housework naturally promotes physical activity.
  • Improved sleep- A clean home and refreshed linens help promote restful sleep.

So, you clean regularly, what’s different about spring cleaning? Spring cleaning gives us a chance to get rid of the old and unwanted and get behind those corners you don’t usually tackle. Some of the individual projects you’ll want to address when spring cleaning include:

  • Clean out closets and drawers toss or donate where appropriate
  • Clean kitchen appliances such as the fridge and oven
  • Movie appliances and heavy furniture to clean behind those areas
  • Clean carpeting, window coverings, and upholstery

Refresh and replace:

Maybe you can’t afford or don’t need new furniture or flooring, but a few relatively inexpensive changes will do a lot to give your home that spring feeling:

  • Treat yourself to fresh new bed linens. Replace your comforter and other bedding (including your mattress pad) or have it cleaned.
  • Flip your mattress over and while you’re at it, clean your bed frame.
  • Consider replacing your bed pillows and if there are some you determine are salvageable, make sure you thoroughly clean them.
  • Throw out your tattered bathroom towels and splurge for some Egyptian cotton. While we’re on the bathroom, make sure and get a new bath mat and replace your shower curtain liner. You may want to get a new shower curtain and bathroom rugs, or at least thoroughly clean the new ones.

Restocking your fridge:

Spring cleaning oasis create happy healthy home headleveler orthocerv pillow sleep

So, now your fridge looks and smells clean; but, after throwing away the various science experiments and freezer-burned meat, it may seem a little empty. Take this opportunity to restock your fridge and cupboards with healthy foods for a warm weather active lifestyle. Consider options like green salads and cold pasta dishes, fruits and vegetables, healthier treats such as frozen sorbet, frozen yogurt, or high protein ice cream.

It’s in the details:

Small touches will help bring all your senses to life this spring.

  • Add some fun new throw pillows or pillow covers. Go a little wild and experiment with patterns and textures.
  • Give your home a glorious scent with essential oil diffusers or fresh flowers.
  • Add some new plants to your surroundings.
  • Crank up the springtime tunes in whatever genre you prefer. Music also helps make cleaning more enjoyable.
  • Give some of your favorite accent pieces a coat of fresh paint.

The science behind spring rejuvenation:

It makes sense that a clean and refreshed home benefits your physical and mental health. Additionally, hardcore science shows us that some of the above cleaning and rejuvenating tips come with some credible findings:

  • Your bed pillows end up with lots of dirt, dead skin, and dust mites. If you suffer from allergies, you may want to consider replacing your pillows every six months.
  • Plants not only add life and greenery to your living space but offer the following health benefits:
    • Jasmine helps improve sleep
    • Lavender reduces anxiety
    • Rosemary improves memory
    • Aloe Vera improves air quality
    • English Ivy reduces mold
    • Palms purify the air
    • Gerber Daisies remove toxins from the air

Make this spring a time to turn your home into a lovely oasis for your family, friends, and you.