Not being able to sleep is no fun. Especially after you’ve gone a few nights without a good night’s rest. Not only will you tired and grouchy in the following days, but continued lack of quality sleep leads to heath issues such as high blood pressure, migraines, and depression. When sleep becomes a problem, people will try anything to get it back. Hot tea before bed, completely dark rooms, and exercise before bed are all helpful. One thing people often forget is the great importance of the pillow you sleep with.  A custom pillow is designed using your personal body measurements. It is specifically created to fit your every curve and bend in your neck, spine, and head. Regulars pillows apply pressure to the skull, neck, and spine, leaving you feeling tired and sore, even if you slept all night. Side sleepers often have the most trouble with regular pillows. Attempting to get the correct angle for your head is hard with a regular pillow. You can end up with sore shoulders and muscle spasms for days.

An ergonomic, custom pillow removes all the obstacles to restful sleep by helping maintain the natural curvature of your body. When your pillow is too high, it puts excess pressure on the curvature of your neck, sometimes lasting for hours. It blocks off your respiratory tract causing snoring, asthma symptoms, and pain. Specific occupations cause incredible stress on the neck, added stress when you sleep is double trouble. Computer workers, mechanics, wait staff, and all manner of jobs cause muscle stress and pressure on the nerve endings.

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What your pillow is filled with can be just as important as its shape. Polyester fibers are a good choice. Each fiber has air pockets that seize and hold air inside. Polyester is also hypoallergenic, easy to clean and maintain, and resilient. Memory foam pillows retain heat and are not washable. People with a sensitivity to urethane-based products or have breathing issues have trouble with memory foam. Down pillows are very expensive, both to purchase and maintain. They can also cause allergies and have virtually no neck support. Another issue comes with pillows which have no compartmentalized stitching. Pillows that are only stitched around the four sides do not allow for comfort all night as the stuffing is displaced as you sleep and move around.

An orthopedic custom pillow measured specifically to your body size allows for constant pressure in the places you need it most. Most companies will sell them in varying lengths, so you can put one wherever you need it. This includes bed pillows, couch pillows, and even travel pillows. Thicknesses depend on your personal issues and comfort zones. A custom measured pillow will evenly distribute weight from your head and neck to alleviate any morning shoulder or neck pain. Custom pillows are typically adjustable. This means that as you move around in your sleep, so does your pillow. You are never without the proper spine and weight alignment.

Obtaining pillows like these is not as expensive or complicated as one may think. Buying online from a reputable seller is easy. Chose one with their own measurement system and follow the instructions on making measurements to the letter. Be as precise as possible and never hesitate to contact the company with questions. Companies such as Headleveler are renowned for their impeccable customer service and dedication to satisfaction. Do some research on custom made and specifically measured pillows before making a purchase. Make sure you know all your trouble spots and what is causing your lack of restful sleep. You can then speak with your pillow company representative about which of their products is best for you.