Historically, we do in-depth cleaning in the spring. Spring is about new life and new beginnings and we always want to reflect that in our spring-cleaning rituals. Spring decorating trends are always about clean, open, decluttered spaces. The doors are about to be flung open to seasonal breezes after being closed for months. No clutter laying about to blow away and chase down. Fresh smells wafting off all surfaces and filling the room. The obvious advantages are hygienic germ-free surfaces, and an orderly, fresh-smelling home but there are a whole host of advantages no one realizes exist. It doesn’t matter if you are decluttering your bedroom, digital life, or kitchen, there are myriad benefits to organizing your home. From better sleep to increased mental health, organizing your life this spring affects every part of your life.

Decluttering is an Anxiety Killer

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The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin did a study that showed women who thought of their homes as being full of unfinished projects and filled with clutter were more likely to report higher levels of stress hormone cortisol resulting in anxiety, depression, and higher levels of fatigue. Women who said their homes felt restorative and peaceful reported less instances of stress and anxiety. Researchers found that cortisol natural declines during the day. Couple that with a mound of musty laundry, dirty dishes, and piles of paperwork and bills and you have a recipe for stress every day. Taking just 10 – 15 minutes a day to tackle one area over and over until you have it finished will not only give you a feeling of accomplishment but inspire you to keep going in other parts of your home and life.

Relationships Thrive in Neatness

declutter decluttering organize organization home happy healthy headleveler orthocerv sleep pillow

When two people live together it is important that they have the same living style. When one person is a slob and the other abhors clutter, it can cause very serious drama in the relationship. Even if there are no deep-seated problems, clutter causes conflict and tension in everyday situations. Taking too long to find something when you’re already late or tripping over miscellaneous objects in the middle of the night can rock even the strongest relationship. It also leads to disintegration in other friendships. A disorganized home with piles of clutter is embarrassing. Often, people will avoid inviting others to their home, so no one sees the mess. Wine Wednesday, book club, or game nights at your place could be the inspiration you need to keep things tidy and keep friendships healthy.

Production = Organization

declutter decluttering organize organization home happy healthy headleveler orthocerv sleep pillow

It should come as no surprise that an organized workspace leads to higher levels of production. There is no time wasted looking for what you need when it is all in its proper place. There is plenty of space to work and there is always a spot to create your newest inspiration. Research shows that clutter hinders focus. Too much junk laying around, too many projects within eye-range, and your brain’s ability to process information is impaired. Keeping a clear, clean workspace increases production which leaves you with more free time than you did before. Suddenly you have those extra moments to do the things you love and catch up on your To-Do list.

The newest design trends focus on minimizing what we have and making more clean space to just breathe and live which is beneficial to the environment. Recycled and upcycled furniture is always in vogue and not only helpful but a big market in itself. Decluttering your life can stretch into your online life and be just as helpful. That can mean everything from unsubscribing to a ton of newsletters to stopping screen time all together. Decluttering in any area of your life is a great fihttps://phys.org/news/2019-03-decluttering-trend-good-environment.htmrst step to happy, productive spring.