Halloween is a great time of year for your little ones to become someone that they aren’t. They can imagine themselves as their favorite superhero or princess, cast themselves as a funny cartoon character, or create an entire separate reality just for the evening. Halloween costumes, however, can be budget breakers for many parents–an especially frustrating reality for an outfit that’s only going to be worn once! These DIY Halloween costumes, however, will allow you to put together a great costume for your child without having to break your budget in the process.

Costumes Using Supplies You Already Have on Hand

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The best Halloween costumes for parents on a tight budget are the ones that use supplies you already have on hand. Check out some of these great, creative ideas from across the internet:

  • Turn your daughter into a crazy cat lady: with just a bathrobe and a few stuffed cats, you can create a great costume that’s sure to garner plenty of laughs.
  • With just a couple of tutus, a matching t-shirt, and some felt or paint, you can turn all of your kids into M&M candies.
  • Go for minions! Cute little denim overalls, a yellow shirt, and yellow face paint could quickly transform your child into a minion on a minimal budget. You might even be able to convince them to eat bananas instead of candy all night!
  • Pressed for time and money? Dress your child all in black, then, with just a little fabric, transform them into a bat! This is a great last-minute costume idea that will be plenty of fun.
  • Have a few superhero onesies or t-shirts hanging in your child’s closet? Put on the superhero top, then dress them normally over the top with the shirt just peeking out. Like this adorable Clark Kent baby, you’ll have an instant superhero in their secret identity.
  • Break out those cute little overalls, a couple of t-shirts, and some solid-colored hats, and in a matter of minutes, you can have matching Super Mario Bros costumes for your boys.

Halloween costumes Made from Inexpensive Materials

kids children Halloween costumes diy easy fun happy superhero

You do have a budget for Halloween costumes–it’s just not extensive. These fun costume ideas will allow you to make the most out of your Halloween efforts without spending an excessive amount on them.

  • Try turning your little one into a gumball machine. The model in the link is a teenager, but imagine how cute this would be on your little one!
  • Transform your kids into Power Rangers. The tutus are an extra fun touch for your girls!
  • Create a cupcake! This one is a little more labor-intensive, but it also creates a fantastic costume that your child will be proud to sport to any Halloween event.
  • Let your child be a troll! Trolls are still one of the hit characters for kids, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase a fancy costume. Instead, make this fun troll headband and add the right clothes: instant troll!
  • A long, white tutu, a little black fabric or paint, and a white t-shirt will make the most adorable ghost you’ve ever seen.
  • Pick up a couple of tube floats left over from summer to create fun doughnut costumes for the kids.

There are plenty of great costume ideas out there to choose from–many of which can be put together on a tight budget with relatively little effort. If you’re looking for fun Halloween costume ideas that you can create yourself this year, these ideas will make it simple to dress your kids in costumes that will be sure to bring smiles at every door–and avoid the meltdown in the costume aisle every time you visit your local store this season.