Yoga postures are not as hard as you think. You bend a little, stretch a little. Do the best you can. It’s that simple. The benefits reach far and wide, from mental issues and anxiety problems to physical ailments. It has a noticeable effect on all parts of the human existence. Yoga postures consist of a variety of poses, stretches and stances intended to aid in digestion, circulation, strength, flexibility, and all major body functions. The best part of all? You can do these postures from the comfort of your bed and comfy pillow. Doing yoga first thing in the morning, before you even get out of bed, allows you to take all the benefits straight into your day – or into your sleep, depending on when you do it. The first few moments before you leave your bed can be very powerful moments of your day. A recent survey from IDC showed 89% of smartphone users reach for their phones first thing in the morning. Replace those moments with a few delicately crafted stretches and you will be amazed at how your day shapes up.

Yoga Postures Before Bed

Here are some easy but powerful yoga poses you can do in bed that help relax the mind and strengthen the body.

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Breathing is an important part of yoga postures. It centers the mind, calms the body and energizes the soul. You can think more clearly and move through your day with greater intention. Begin by laying on your back with a firm, comfortable pillow behind your head. Place your arms at your sides, palms up. Take a deep breathe through your nose. Pay attention to how the air feels going into your nostrils, down your throat, and into your lungs. Watch your stomach rise as you take in the air. Hold the breath for 3 seconds and then exhale. Pay close attention to the path the air takes on the way out. Clear your mind of everything but the breath going in and leaving your body. Repeat 5 – 10 times.

Legs on the Wall

Turn to face the wall with a firm, comfortable pillow under your seat. Raise your legs and place the against the wall. Your heels should be touching the wall. The rest of your legs will angle toward your body. Place your hands and arms to your sides. This is an especially good pose for those who are on their feet all day long. You can continue your breathing exercise with this pose for added benefit. It eases tension and stress in the legs and aids in circulation. Some people find it easier to meditate in this position also.

Headleveler Sleep Yoga Postures Poses Bed Healthy Bedroom Pillow Ortho-Cerv

Forward Bend

Sit up in bed and lean forward. Wherever you land is fine. Don’t put unnecessary effort into stretching. Just concentrate on how far you can comfortably bend forward over your knees. Reach for your knees, shins, or toes. If your legs feel painfully tight bend them and place a pillow under your knees. Focus on you exhale to deepen the stretch. This relaxing pose is good for bedtime yoga because it relaxes and cools down the body and mind.

Knees to Chest

While laying on your back, bring your knees up to your chest as far as you can. Wrap your hands around your shins. Pull the knees closer to you as far as its comfortable. Rock your head from side to side. Hold this pose for five to 10 breaths. This pose stretches your lower back and is great for people who sit all day at work. This is a pose that is beneficial both morning and night.

Yoga poses do not have to resemble a pretzel do be helpful. A firm mattress and a quality pillow are the only things you need to start your morning/bedtime yoga ritual.