When seeking a healthier lifestyle the major topic nowadays seems to be essential oils. While some see them as just a passing trend, the uses for essential oils are almost endless. You can use them to improve your mood, your health, and to clean your home. People have actually been enjoying the benefits of essential oils for centuries so they are tired and true.

With their increasing popularity comes a multitude of resources on how to best use essential oils in your home. Here a few quick tips to get started using essential oils for personal health and for the health of your home.

One- Clean with essential oils. Many household cleaners can be replaced with essential oils. For instance, melaleuca (tea tree) oil is very effective in cleaning mold from window sills, bathtubs, or anywhere else it may have invaded. You can also mix up your version of Lysol using lemon, lavender, rosemary, and melaleuca oil.  Many mixes of oils can be found online on Pinterest, where the links to the original websites are included.

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Two- Use essential oils to improve your mood and freshen the air. Diffusers can be purchased almost anywhere and adding a few drops of peppermint or lavender can help lift the mood.  Certain scents do have various effects, calming, uplifting, and so on. Orange and peppermint are wonderful scents to wake you up in the morning.  Once again, Pinterest has many ideas for blending oils for certain affects, from improving your mood, helping sleep, and to just producing an amazing scent.

Three- Use essential oils to improve your health, peppermint oil for headaches and muscle aches, lavender oil for bug bites and other skin irritations. Oils come in convenient roller ball applications. However, when applying, some people need to dilute the oils with coconut oils due to sensitivity. As with any product you intend to apply topically, test a small patch of skin to determine if you are sensitive to the oil.  Some brands, such as doTERRA oils provide a guide to what oils need to be diluted.  However, oils can also be diffused for health benefits, for example, lavender, orange, and peppermint can help alleviate seasonal allergies.

Headleveler Sleep Esseantial Oils Clean Healthy Living Ortho-Cerv pillow

Four- Use essential oils for pest control. Chemical sprays can not only smell foul but are also bad for the environment and for your family. If they are meant to kill bugs and mice, they clearly are not healthy for humans or even pets to inhale.  Also, why no one likes pests, the idea of killing them is not favored by some people. Essential oils will safely deter pests without harming you or even them. Spraying peppermint oil around the house will chase away mice, spiders, and insects and eucalyptus oil helps control roaches.

It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s helpful to choose one oil, maybe one a friend uses, or one you enjoy smelling and research the uses of that one oil to begin. Or you can begin with a physical or emotional ailment and look for oils to aide. You can also choose specific pest to control and work from there to find an essential oil solution.  As was mentioned before, you can always choose a scent you already enjoy and look for any health benefits it may have.

After you’ve grown accustomed to using a few essential oils, you can branch out into using more oils and in more ways, for instance, orange and lemon can be added to water and taken internally for health benefits.

Hopefully, these tips have helped as you begin to explore using essential oils for you and your home. Remember to take your time and enjoy the learning process as you explore essential oils.