Everyone could use a bit of help with the outdoor and indoor decor during fall. Things get dreary, and outside especially tends to look very sad. Here are some easy and quick ways to spruce up your home this fall…

First off, fall is so full of abundant colors that there’s no excuse for dull decor during the autumn months.  Red, brown, green, yellow, and even purple come in many autumnal shades to accent both interiors and exteriors.

Making Your Home Outside Fall Ready

Fall outdoor Halloween decor home

There’s no need for massive redecoration to freshen up your home with these rich jewel and earthy tones. Outside, you can simply place potted mums on your porch, front steps, in your garden, anywhere you have the room. If you have steps, you can place potted plants or pumpkins (real or fake) on each step or alternating steps. Use all potted mum or pumpkins or intersperse flowers and pumpkins.

You can either buy pots in fall shades or paint them yourself.  When it comes to painting, remember, pumpkins don’t have to be orange! The fake ones come in multiple colors and can be painted as can the real pumpkins.  Once painted to taste, you can stack them on planters, or arrange them however you wish, stairs, porch swings, along garden paths.

 An old bucket or barrel and be filled with artfully arranged white lights, pumpkins guards, and leaves for a unique display. This project begs for creativity as you can use flower pots and mix the lights in with the flowers.  You can also use any canister or any items to fill it with.

A wreath of fall leaves or flowers on your front door will add a splash of color. This is a good option no matter the size of your home, but especially if you don’t have much space, after all, you always have a front door.  If you don’t want to damage the door with a nail, Command brand makes strong hooks that stick to most surfaces and are easily removed, eliminating the need for drilling. Even better, the hooks are available everywhere from Target to Amazon in a variety of sizes and prices.

Easy Decor Additions to Make Inside Cozy for Fall

Fall outdoor Halloween decor home

Inside your home, you have even more options since you don’t have the weather to consider.  Space and budget are your restrictions, but don’t let them stop you.  It’s amazing what you can find at dollar stores and thrifts shops, pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, faux flowers, vases, and picture frames, all in seasonal colors and patterns. You can even find fall themed throw pillows, rugs, blankets, and kitchen and bath towels to decorate every room of your home. Adding some fall touches to your living room and kitchen, even your bathroom will spruce things up considerably.

Don’t be afraid to bring some pumpkins and mums inside the house.  Choosing smaller sizes allows you to create centerpieces that include candles.  Glass vases or jars can be filled with fall leaves, real or fake, pine cones, as well as tiny pumpkins or apples, the faux varieties come in very small sizes.

Fall outdoor Halloween decor home

If you need inspiration on how to arrange your new finds, or even what to search out, look no further than the Internet for inspiration. The popular website Pinterest is cornucopia of decorating ideas.  Providing more than pretty pictures, the site provides links to the original websites, where you can find the directions to make the items pictures, where to buy the items, or even more decorating ideas.

So, gather ideas, and add some festive fall decor to your home for the autumn months, host a party or just enjoy the warm touches as you sip cider and enjoy the fall.