Keep your pillows at their most comfortable by refluffing them daily. All you need to do is vigorously knead or compress each pillow diagonally two to three times in each direction.

To wash your pillow in the washing machine, use the delicate/hand-wash cycle. Use a small amount of mild liquid detergent and wash and rinse in warm water. You can pre-treat your pillow with a non-bleach stain-remover spray if needed.

To wash your pillow by hand, soak it in lukewarm water using a mild liquid detergent. Press, or knead, the pillow until clean, and then press out the excess water. Next, rinse it in clean water to remove detergent residue and then press on it to expel all excess water.

To dry your pillow, reshape it and lay it flat on a drying rack. Don’t hang it up to dry! Doing so may displace the filling. In warmer months, you can dry it outside. It takes about two hours per side.

Do not put your pillow in the clothes dryer with any kind of heat. You can use your dryer’s air fluff setting — at a cold temperature only — but make sure to throw in a couple of heavy towels to help with the tumbling process. orthomed-46171sto help with the tumbling process.