No matter what season it is, there is always a reason to celebrate. Often, we find ourselves celebrating in ways that are not very healthy for us, and sometimes, not healthy at all. Warm summer months have us enjoying the weather with fruity, ice-cold beverages and plenty of meals and deserts with fresh vegetables and fruits. Colder seasons call for hot toddies, savory meals, rich deserts, and long evenings around cozy kitchen tables. Fortunately, there are many ways to safely detox the body from all the toxins and unhealthy agents we put into it every day.

Antioxidant in Fruits are Your Friend

An easy and delicious way to detox your body is concentrate heavily on eating foods rich in antioxidants. Most are brightly colored fruits and veggies, along with beans and whole grains. Spinach, cranberries and kale are all great examples. In fact, blueberries, blackberries, and cranberries are rated highest by the USDA for their antioxidant content. Start your morning off with an antioxidant shake. A cup of frozen blueberries and a half cup of cranberries, combined with a tablespoon of honey and a cup of almond milk will give your body the antioxidant boost it needs to aid in a successful detox.

If your tastes run to the savorier side, Russet potatoes, beans and artichokes all rank high as well. Antioxidants activate enzymes in the liver which disable harmful toxins in the body by making them water soluble and easier for the body to dispel. A side dish of roasted artichokes and white beans with a basil lemon vinaigrette is a great boost for anyone who wants to go on a seasonal detox.  If you just want to grab a snack to get your antioxidant count, try a handful of pecans, hazelnuts or walnuts. Mix in a few fresh berries and you have a super food.

The body even has its own antioxidant called glutathione, which helps in the expulsion of arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals. Eating eggs, garlic, onions, and other foods that are rich in sulphuric compounds help the body produce glutathione. Just a few chopped onion slices and a sliver or two of fresh garlic is enough to improve the body’s levels of glutathione.

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Organic is the Answer

People often forget because pesticides are made for the convenience of farmers, they are also harmful. Pesticides are poisons used to kill pests that eat human food crops. It seems absurd that humans forget how harmful they can be to us as well. Pesticides are linked to tumors, cancer, and death in lab rats. Eating organic food is a wonderful way to begin detoxing the body as you are filling it with nothing but naturally grown products. Sometimes this is a shock to some people. Organically grown foods taste slightly different and often grow in different sizes. An amazingly easy but tasty organic recipe is a honeydew sorbet. It is made of only four ingredients and is gluten free.

Nothing could be quite as organic as water and it is something we all need to live and to detox. In order to expunge our bodies of the toxins we have absorbed they must be excreted through our feces, urine and sweat. We cannot do any of those things without sufficient water inside out body. Doctors recommend eight to twelve glasses of water per day in order to properly expel all the toxins we need from our bodies to stay healthy. Besides being essential for detox, drinking lots of water helps in weight loss, energy and gives you a great complexion.

Use simple ways like these to detox with fresh healthy fruits and vegetables. Always consult a doctor before undergoing any serious nutritional or dietary changes.