Falling For Frothy, Fall Drinks And Fascinating Novellas

As the weather drifts towards another autumnal equinox and chillier nights require more layers, we know it’s time for the transition into fall, chill-axing with a good book, warm beverages, and a great night’s sleep. Across the nation, people will go on “leaf peeping” excursions, as leaf enthusiasts call their hobby of travel for witnessing the peak of leaves changing in various regions. New England and the upper Midwest provide the perfect scenic backdrop for autumn days, but many areas are equally pure and elegant.

Americans aren’t the only ones who prize the natural, solemn beauty of fall. In Japan, the practice began as a holiday similar to their cherry blossom viewing parties. The Japanese found that the silent leaves carried as much beauty and began organizing time for admiring their colorful display.

Yet, what if you prefer staying in and avoiding chillier winds? What about watching those crunchy leaves fall inside the climate-controlled setting of home? For everyone who enjoys visiting a pumpkin patch, the arrival of autumn also signals time for pause.

The early, crisp fall is an ideal time for becoming acquainted with a classic book, fireplace, and divan. Or, it’s an ideal moment for snuggling up on the family couch, or a casual arm-chair. All that reading is not replete without a bit of comfort from soothing beverages! Today, we will share a few hand-picked recipes designed for enjoying the pleasure of the outdoors indoors.

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Three Warm Beverages For Falling Into A Fall Groove

1. White Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

This tasty drink is for leisure readers not necessarily interested in maintaining a caffeinated vibration, but experiencing the aura of a luxurious fall. We owe this foamy drink to Cheryl Sousan, who calls it “‘pumpkin pie in a mug!'”

This delicious drink combines white chocolate with spunky cloves, pumpkin extracts, and whole milk.  We recommend a hearty, rusty, and leaf-colored mug for sipping on it. After all, finding the perfect ceramic or cute mug is part of the fun.

2. Marshmallow Cocktail Hour With A Mystery Novel

For some of us, we like to unwind with a cocktail. Right now, there’s nothing more trendy, according to Chilled magazine, than seasonal cocktails commemorating this time of the year. The simplest and most delicious of these is the Ginger Peaches and Cream. It involves a little Bourbon, some Peach Schnapps, a splash of Ginger Beer, and a unique topper: a marshmallow.

You merely toast a marshmallow until it’s that state of gooey mixed with a little browning. Then, mix the drink and add the marshmallow topping. Whether it’s the Bourbon or the marshmallow, this one will keep you toasty on a fall day.

3. Dirty Chai Tea Latte And Dickens

For those amongst us who must confess they find Dickens or some of our more ambitious recreational reading picks a little cumbersome, the Dirty Chai is a timely pick-me-up. A little caffeine buzz wouldn’t hurt when it comes to turning pages. For this drink, we found an expert’s blog Five and Spice. Jenny, a food blogger with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, describes the drink like this,

What is a dirty chai latte (besides a drink that sounds significantly less appealing than it is)?  A chai tea (oops, that’s technically redundant) latte laced with a shot of espresso.  Warm and soothing milk steeped with exotic spicy fragrance that wafts enticingly into your face.  It has the rich, sweet winter flavors of gingerbread and the coziness of a cup of milk and honey before bedtime.

The recipe calls for a couple of shots of espresso (as one would guess) and the typical ingredients for a chai latte (black tea, whole milk, spices). It will have you saying, “Thanks a latte, Jenny!”

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