‘Tis the season for gift giving–but it’s also a season when budgets can quickly grow overwhelming. Handmade gifts are not only cheaper than many commercially-bought gift items, they also show a great deal of love and consideration. Are you hoping to put together some handmade gifts for much-loved people in your life this holiday season? Try some of these great ideas.

Handmade Gifts Friends Family Holidays Christmas Healthy Happy Headleveler OrthoCerv pillow

Package Baked Goods in Style

Baked goods are a great gift for many of the loved ones on your list. Try some of these ideas for presenting them in a beautiful way that will be sure to draw a smile.

Place truffles and candies in a jar or tin. Choose a beautiful Christmas-themed jar or tin or add a special ribbon bow to make your gift look even more special.

Put cookies on a special holiday plate. Check out your local stores for gorgeous plates that will appeal to your friends and family members, then deliver them with fresh-baked cookies on top.

Add a ribbon or a bow. Wrap cakes and breads in plastic wrap–simple clear is fine, or go for the holiday theme with red and green–then tie it up with a neat ribbon or add a bow on top to help bring out the holiday smiles.

Put Together Pampering Treats

There are plenty of holiday gifts you can offer your friends and family that will help them pamper themselves during a busy, difficult season of the year. Try some of these ideas:

Put together a sugar scrub. Pink lemonade sugar scrub is a fresh, citrus-scented treat that’s great at any time of the year, while peppermint sugar scrub is a great way to ring in the holiday season.

Make up some bath bombs. Bath bombs are incredibly easy to put together, but they look spectacular when you package them up and share them with your loved ones.

For friends and family members struggling to stay healthy, mix up shower steamers.These shower steamers release essential oils into the air, helping to open up the lungs and make breathing easier.

Try your hand at sewing a heating bag. Rice heating bags can help soothe sore muscles, keep hands warm on cold days, or just warm up the bed before the beginning of another long day.

Make your own special soap. This amazing milk and honey soap is a great place to start!

Handmade Gifts Friends Family Holidays Christmas Healthy Happy Headleveler OrthoCerv pillow

Handmade Gifts –  Something Special

When you step outside of pampering and baked goods, what’s left? There are several handmade gifts you can make for the friends and family members on your list that won’t break the bank!

Put together a special holiday picture. Print off a large print, then use modpodge to attach it to a canvas. They’ll get a beautiful picture to hang in their home and a reminder of a priceless memory.

Make up a love story book. You don’t have to use the online love story generators to make a gorgeous book celebrating your love for your partner or your child. Instead, use a photo book service to make one for significantly less–or go fully handmade and use a small photo album.

Mix up spice and seasoning mixes. Have a loved one who is eager to get into the kitchen at any time of the year? Consider putting spice mixes in ornaments or fun jars to help them get started this season. You could also make your own vanilla to give as a gift.

Gift giving season is in full swing, and there are plenty of options to choose from! Try some of these great DIY ideas to help you stuff the stockings of everyone on your list without breaking your budget.