With a little bit of TLC, your bedroom can become a solace of calmness. There are few key concepts that have been proven scientifically that really make a huge difference and can be used to revolutionize the way you sleep. We’re not saying you need to give your room an Extreme Home Makeover, simply moving around your furniture, purchasing some plants or changing up the colours will do the trick!

Pay Attention To The Colours In Your Room


The shades of the rooms in your house are an immediate impression of your identity. While the vast majority of us may not invest a great deal of energy considering room shading, it influences us consistently. Room shading can impact our states of mind and the attitude we wake up with when we greet the day. So what’s the “perfect” paint colour for a bedroom? Those who have rooms that are painted blue tend to rest longer than the individuals who get their shut-eye in rooms with various hues.

The shading blue is connected with sentiments of calmness which can calm your mind and heart rate, all of which help you get a strong night’s rest.

On the off chance that the shading blue isn’t your style, keep your bedroom hues in the family of grays, silvers, and neutrals, since these cool colours have been known to lower eye strain and heart rate.

Feng shui Is More Than A Fad


While the feng shui theoretically encompasses everything that has to do with developing a calm atmosphere. From room flow, colour, clutter and what you actually have in your room (like no electronics!) feng shui is so important. One major part of feng shui is how your bedroom is set up and how it all flows. No matter what your room looks like, we can all agree that the bed should be the focal point! Some things to remember when placing your bed:

  1. Have your bed effortlessly accessible from both sides
  2. Have two bedside tables (one on each side)
  3. Abstain from having the bed specifically in line with the entryway

An “attractive” and all around comfortable bed is vital in making a feng shui room… a great pillow, a strong headboard, and comfy sheets wouldn’t hurt either!



Plants in the bedroom are more than a pretty accent! Studies have shown that having plants in your daily life, including your bedroom can have calming effects.We all know that spending time outdoors is good for us, so why not bring a little bit of  green inside!  With stress and restlessness bringing on half of all sleep deprivation issues, it’s smart to fill your room with an assortment of plants that have a calming impact on your mind, body, and soul. Poor air quality from pollutants and lingering scents can affect our breathing, making a decent night’s rest appear unimaginable. But there is an assortment of plants that can lift your spirits and elevate your air quality. Low care plants like aloe vera, lavender, jasmine, and peace lilies are all great choices!

So there you have it, four quick and easy ways to bring your bedroom drab to fab!