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Why do I need a personalized pillow?

A custom pillow takes into consideration your neck length –  an essential part to a good sleep! Headleveler’s concierge service helps you find the right pillow for your height, weight, mattress type and sleeping patterns.

Headleveler®’s OrthoCerv® pillows are divided into three divided compartments of different widths. This means the pillow stuffing won’t be displaced while you’re sleeping, meaning you get consistent support throughout the night.

Headleveler’s pillows also come in seven thicknesses, allowing you to find the one that supports your neck and head the best. The difference between our pillow thicknesses is akin to a half-size difference in shoe size – it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but those extra millimetres can make for a stark contrast in comfort level!

Our pillows also come in four sizes (standard, queen, king and travel), giving you the power to maximize your nightly comfort. Keep in mind that the softer the mattress you sleep on, the thinner your pillow needs to be to keep your head properly aligned.

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