The Headleveler / Ortho-Cerv pillow is divided into three separate compartments, each compartment is of a different width than the other to more accurately suit one’s neck length for enhanced support and comfort. By compartmentalizing the pillow, there is little stuffing displacement when using the pillow in the recommended manner.

The Headleveler / Ortho-Cerv is available in seven different thicknesses. Each thickness is targeted to individualise one’s specific head-leveling requirements.  One must always take into account the firmness of one’s mattress.


Sleep like a baby lately?

Filled with polyester fibre, the modern-day duvet, each individual fibre has air chambers and each air chamber is designed to capture and store a sufficient amount of air so as to inflate the fibres and to provide the required resiliency.

What’s in our pillows?

The role of a pillow is very important in the overall scheme of sleep duration, posture and comfort. Some pillows are made of foam materials. We do not use foam in our products nor do we recommend foam pillows for following reasons.

– They are too hot to sleep on as there is no air circulation throughout the pillow.
– Foam pillows are not washable. therefore may be unsanitary.
– Foam pillows are not user friendly in that they may cause irritation of the upper respiratory system in some people as most foam materials are urethane based.
Most regular pillows sold in department stores are the traditional regular one-compartment pillows, the stuffing material tends to disperse and displace itself to concentrated areas of the pillow thereby losing all organized support and head-leveling comfort. Polyester fiber, the modern-day duvet, is the preferred stuffing material as it allows for aeration and is washable.

How do I know the proper thickness of my ideal pillow?

When choosing a suitable pillow, one must always take into consideration the type of mattress, length of use and weight of the user.

Normally, the softer the surface one sleeps on, the thinner the pillow required for comfortable head alignment for one’s body.