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Excerpt from our article in Women’s Health:

Their pillows even take into consideration things like neck length, which they say is essential to getting your best sleep.⁣ Now available to online, they used to only be available to order through a healthcare professional, and have been around for a long time – used first by chiropractic, orthopedic, and physiotherapeutic professional markets in the late 70’s.⁣

Excerpt from our article in Upscale Living:

Having three sections in each, the pillow is designed to offer comfort whether the person is a back sleeper or side sleeper. Types sold are customized pillows, by thickness pillows, travel pillows, and children’s pillows. With over 3 million sold over 30 years, the remarkable pillows are handmade, hypo-allergenic, washable, and designed for premium back, neck, and shoulder support.

Did you know we were voted 10 Best Luxury Items for Travel by USA Today!?

USA Today’s expert panel selected Headleveler’s Custom Travel Size Pillow as a contender for ”Best Gift for Luxury Travelers.” We were voted TOP 10!

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Want to know where to buy a face mask right now? We made the list!

Thank you, Forbes, for naming our travel blanket one of this year’s coziest gifts!

Due to popular demand, Headleveler has added a travel blanket to go with its exceptional pillows and it deserves all the same accolades. Made of cozy fleece, it folds up into itself and features an attached handle for easy carrying, whether you’re taking it on a flight or on the road. It works as well for a picnic in the park as it does on a too-chilly plane.

BuzzFeed listed us in their article on 35 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts That Are 100% Quarantine-Friendly.

A customized pillow, designed specifically for mom’s body and sleeping style.

A pillow is a critical part of not only getting a good night’s sleep, but also helping to keep your body aligned. You can customize this pillow by entering the person’s height, weight, sleeping style, and firmness preference.

Leery of hotel pillows when you’re traveling? With the Headleveler Travel Pillow you can take a piece of home on the road. Measuring 19 inches by 14 inches, and available in seven thicknesses, these hypoallergenic and machine washable portable pillows are crafted for each individual consumer based on body sizes and sleep positions. Simply visit the website and answer a brief series of questions about your sleep patterns, and the company will suggest the best customized pillow for you.

Whether you’re travelling to a completely new and foreign land or your home away from home, Headleveler’s Ortho-Cerv travel pillow lets you bring your creature comforts with you. These travel pillow measures 19 by 14 inches – small enough to be portable, whether you’re travelling by plane, train or automobile. Consider bringing it along with you when you travel!

We were #4 on Your Tango’s list for the 20 Best Travel Pillows Of 2020.

Whether you’re travelling to a completely new and foreign land or your home away from home, Headleveler’s Ortho-Cerv travel pillow lets you bring your creature comforts with you. Like all Headleveler pillows, the travel pillow comes in seven thicknesses, from very soft to very firm. It’s small enough to be portable.

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Chances are your pillow is too thick or thin and because alignment is important while you’re snoozing, you want to be sure to pick the right pillow to match your support needs.⁣

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Our pillow is one of their holiday gift ideas!

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What’s The Secret To Better Sleep?

This comfy brand offers customized pillows designed for premium back, neck, and shoulder support based on your sleep position, height, and weight. Sweet dreams indeed!

Featured in Ok! Magazine.

Get your beauty sleep.

There’s no wellness without sleep, and we’ll do anything for restful sleep. A customized pillow is the place to start, especially one that matches your sleep position and your preferred pillow thickness.

Excerpt from Erin’s review:

”I gave my gender, desired size (I chose travel), height, weight, shoulder shape, preferred sleep position, preferred firmness, mattress type and turns out I am a Medium Model #21 cervical pillow! What model are you? Taking the quiz is quick and you will get the exact pillow that is right for you!”

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