Pillows by Thickness

By viewing pillows by thickness you can find your perfect custom pillow thickness. Each product provides a detailed description of various measurements because we know that one size does not fit all.

You can select the appropriate thickness depending on your height, weight, and sleep habits.

Your perfect pillow and restorative sleep are only a click away!

  • Our ultra-comfortable soft pillow is recommended for back and side sleepers who need gentle support while they sleep. If you often wake up with neck pain, a cervical pillow may be right up your alley. Our Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillows attempt to correct your sleeping position and provide support where you need it. Our pillows have three compartments of different width to more accurately support your neck and provide maximum comfort.  
  • Our Medium Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillow offers moderate, comfortable support to back and side sleepers. Did you know that the softer your mattress, the thinner your pillows should be? Alignment is important while you’re snoozing, so you want to be sure to pick the right pillow to match your support needs. The thickness of our Standard Medium cervical pillow, for example, would be well-suited to someone who sleeps on an average to firm mattress.
  • Prefer a firmer pillow?  No problem — we’ve got several to choose from! This Firm Cervical pillow is perfect for broad-shouldered people on the taller end of average, who prefer sleeping on their backs or sides. This pillow’s level of firmness has broad appeal for those with wide shoulders. Our Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillows attempt to alleviate stress on the cervical spine and shoulders, thanks to our stitching technology that permits for greater contouring and neck stability.
  • Need Firm Support?  Then this Headleveler pillow is for you. Offering very firm support to the head and neck, this very firm pillow is ideal for people with wide shoulders who sleep primarily on their back or side. If you’re not sure what kind of firmness you need, take into consideration how firm your mattress is. The firmer the mattress, the thicker your pillow needs to be in order to properly support your neck, back and shoulders.
  • This Extra-Firm cervical pillow provides our highest level of support and is recommended for people who would typically shop in clothing stores’ big-and-tall section. It’s also an excellent choice for heavier-set side sleepers.
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