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*Does not apply to distributor | professional orders | Free shipping to Canada & USA, some exclusions for remote areas

Headleveler Medium Cervical Pillow

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The Medium Pillow (model #21)

The Standard Medium cervical pillow is 23 by 17 inches and is recommended for people between 5’2” and 5’4” in height and who weigh between 110–150 pounds. It’s also great for back sleepers up to 5’6” who prefer a moderate thickness.

Our Medium Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillow offers moderate, comfortable support to back and side sleepers.

Did you know that the softer your mattress, the thinner your pillows should be? Alignment is important while you’re snoozing, so you want to be sure to pick the right pillow to match your support needs. The thickness of our standard medium cervical pillow, for example, would be well-suited to someone who sleeps on an average to firm mattress.

The Queen Medium cervical pillow is 26 by 17 inches and is perfect for people between 5’5” and 5’7” who weigh between 150–170 pounds. Individuals measuring up to 5’8” who typically sleep on their backs may also enjoy the Queen Medium (moderate thickness) pillow.

Our cervical pillows conform to the shape of the skull, neck and shoulders, providing you with the most luxurious sleep you’ve had in ages.

The King Medium cervical pillow is 34 by 17 inches and is designed for people between 5’5” and 5’7” and 150–170 pounds who sleep in king-size beds. The King Medium pillow is also suitable for people up to 5’9” who prefer sleeping on their back and who enjoy an average thickness of pillow. As the biggest of our medium-thickness suite of pillows, this king cervical cushion is a resilient and essential part of your sleep — one you’ll be able to rely on for years to come, with proper care.

The Travel Medium cervical pillow is 19 by 14 inches and is perfect for travellers who are between 5’2” and 5’4” and 110–150 pounds. This pillow can also be used by back sleepers who measure up to 5’6” and who prefer a moderate thickness. The Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillow may be small, but it provides powerful support by levelling out the neck, back and shoulders. Meanwhile, its flexibility provides the comfort you expect when getting tucked in for the night. Sink into your best sleep ever!


At Headleveler, your comfort is our business.

Our cervical Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillows are designed with your best sleep in mind. We do that by taking into consideration the length of your neck, your height and body weight, as well as your preferred sleeping position.

Our hypoallergenic, machine-washable pillows are filled with high-quality, soft polyester fibre and contain three different-sized compartments to provide the best support for your neck and spine. Compartmentalizing the pillow fill allows for minimum stuffing displacement, meaning you get consistent support throughout the night.

Headleveler offers four different sizes of pillows that correspond to mattress size, as well as seven different thicknesses and support levels for people of all sizes. That means there’s something for everyone.

Keep a level head — order Headleveler today.



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Headleveler Medium Cervical Pillow
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