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*Does not apply to distributor | professional orders | Free shipping to Canada & USA, some exclusions for remote areas

Headleveler Very Firm Cervical Pillow

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The Very Firm Pillow (model #30)

The Standard Very Firm cervical pillow is 23 by 17 inches and is an excellent option for people between 6’2” and 6’5” and 200–230 pounds. Need firm support? Then this Headleveler pillow is for you. Offering very firm support to the head and neck, this Very Firm Standard pillow is ideal for people with wide shoulders who sleep primarily on their back or side.

If you’re not sure what kind of firmness you need, take into consideration how firm your mattress is. The firmer the mattress, the thicker your pillow needs to be in order to properly support your neck, back and shoulders.

The Queen Very Firm cervical pillow is 26 by 17 inches and is recommended for people who are 6’3” or taller and who weigh more than 220 pounds. This Very Firm Queen cervical pillow is also a good choice for side sleepers under 6’3” who have wide shoulders and who weigh more than 220 pounds. The benefits of our Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillows have been enjoyed by our customers for over 25 years.

“I recommend the Ortho-Cerv pillows to all of my patients. It’s a great cervical pillow that will ensure you get a great night’s sleep!” — Nathalie Beauchamp, chiropractor and health and wellness expert

The King Very Firm cervical pillow is 34 by 17 inches and is a very good choice for back and side sleepers who are 6’2” or taller and who weigh more than 220 pounds, but who sleep in a king-size bed or who prefer larger pillows. The King Very Firm pillow is also a great choice for people under 6’4” but over 220 pounds who primarily sleep on their sides with wide shoulders.

Cervical pillows are a key to health and wellness. According to the Haut-Richelieu Chiropractic Centre, “This quality orthopedic pillow efficiently supports the cervical region, providing increased comfort and maximum relaxation.”

The Travel Very Firm cervical pillow measures 19 by 14 inches and offers solid support to people between 6’0” and 6’2” who weigh between 200–220 pounds. Like all of Headleveler’s cervical pillows, this cushion can change the relationship you have with sleep.

Customer Mike C. said he suffered from debilitating headaches for which he took over-the-counter painkillers every day. “In desperation I went to a store where they sell the Headleveler pillow… it has now been just over a week and I wake up in the mornings neck-pain free. My sleep is much deeper and relaxed, and the headaches have now started to reduce enough that I don’t even take simple pain medication anymore. This pillow was a revelation!”


At Headleveler, your comfort is our business.

Our cervical Headleveler/Ortho-Cerv pillows are designed with your best sleep in mind. We do that by taking into consideration the length of your neck, your height and body weight, as well as your preferred sleeping position.

Our hypoallergenic, machine-washable pillows are filled with high-quality, soft polyester fibre and contain three different-sized compartments to provide the best support for your neck and spine. Compartmentalizing the pillow fill allows for minimum stuffing displacement, meaning you get consistent support throughout the night.

Headleveler offers four different sizes of pillows that correspond to mattress size, as well as seven different thicknesses and support levels for people of all sizes. That means there’s something for everyone.

Keep a level head — order Headleveler today.



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Headleveler Very Firm Cervical Pillow
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