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The Junior pillow case is made to fit both the Junior Small and Junior Large pillows.

The overlap concept keeps the pillow case in place and is gentle on a child’s face.

6 in stock


Now available – the custom-made pillow case that fits your Junior pillow and makes it easier to bring along on any outing!

Machine wash & tumble dry on low heat


The Junior Children’s Pillow

For many years, the Headleveler / Ortho-Cerv Junior pillow has been loved by children.

Available in two different thicknesses:

Junior Small = 20 to 40 lbs
Junior Large = 40 to 55 lbs

When a child has graduated from their crib and now sleeps in a bed, the Junior pillow allows parents to be able to offer their little one a pillow that suits their small frame.

The Junior pillow is a much smaller version of the adult Headleveler / Ortho-Cerv pillow and is made for a child’s neck curvature.

It is an ideal  pillow for:

Home – the ideal starter pillow when your child begins sleeping in a bed.

Naptime… at daycare, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten – children love to bring their Junior pillow to school for “quiet time”.

On Vacation… when travelling, very often hotel pillows are too thick for small children.  Bringing their own Junior pillow is also more hygienic.


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