Turning your home green doesn’t mean that you should paint your house green. (Although, if you want to, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.) Instead, Headleveler wants you to live every day feeling joyful and energized. And one the best ways to do that is to make sure that you are in sync with the earth as much as possible. Here are some great tips for making your home a beautifully healthy environment for you and your family.

1. Decorate green – Literally

Get the green thing rolling with some living plants to set up in your home! Green plants provide natural air freshener, as they constantly convert carbon dioxide into oxygen to keep you in ship shape. They also create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in your home, making it a perfect place for you to kick back and relax after long days at work. It is a great idea to get multiple plants for different rooms of the house. You might even want to plant an indoor spice garden!

2. Clean green

Headleveler Green Home Living Happy Healthy Bedroom Sleep

Many cleaning supplies make things look spic and span on the outside. But they fill our bodies with invisible poison. So next time you shop for cleaning supplies, try to find naturally-based cleaning companies. You can also use items from your kitchen like vinegar or baking soda to clean and remove odors. It’s time to get rid of those chemicals that were filling your home! Your body will thank you for it.

3. Recycle

It is as easy as anything to set up recycle bin in your kitchen or garage. And it can make a huge difference. Chuck in all the magazines you don’t need, the old cereal boxes, plastic food containers (think yogurt containers), and a whole host of other things. You will also want to designate a place to keep old wine, beer, and pop bottles for recycling. After all, you’ll probably even be able to get cash for these! Once you start recycling, you’ll be shocked at the amount of stuff you used to throw into the trash can to be sent to a landfill.     

4. Use cloth, not paper

This is a simple concept. But it can be applied in so many different ways! For starters, think napkins. How many paper napkins do you use to wipe your mouth just once, and then throw away? Yikes! Investing in a set of cloth napkins, which you can reuse for years, will save both you and the earth in the long run. If your kids are in the diaper stage, try using cloth diapers instead of disposable. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can get used to that. Also, use cloth grocery bags instead of using plastic or paper ones (besides, these will make you look fashionable). If you are really die-hard about this – or if you just want a weird quirk – keep a pocket handkerchief with you to avoid using too many tissues!

5. Put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat

Headleveler Green Home Living Happy Healthy Bedroom Sleep

Sometimes it seems like those three degrees on the thermostat will make all the difference between complete comfort and utter misery. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Our bodies are actually very good at acclimating to the temperature of our environment. Make yourself turn the thermostat down just a few degrees. And if you are still feeling chilly, find an extra sweater or pair of cozy slippers. Also, remember that you can turn down the heat in some parts of the house while you are using other parts of the house. For instance, if your bedroom is upstairs, turn down the heat downstairs before going to bed.

That’s all for now. But make sure you check back for Part Two! We’ll see you there!