I was waking up each morning with neck pain that was starting to cause debilitating headaches to the point where I was popping pain medication on a daily basis. In desperation I went to a store where they sell the Headleveller pillow. The sales rep recommended the pillow and gave me advice on how to use it properly. It has now been just over a week and now I wake up in the mornings neck pain free. My sleep is much deeper and relaxed and the headaches have now started to reduce enough that I don’t even take simple pain medication anymore. This pillow was a revelation!
Mike C
J’ai été ravie de mon oreiller. Je dors bien.

Geneviève S.
I believe that the Headleveler is the most original appraoch to pillows I have ever tried.

Phillip Dupuis
This pillow definitely allows me to sleep more comfortably.