Aloha! HeadLeveler knows that our clients will be attending plenty of seasonal BBQs, ice cream socials, camping cookouts, beach blasts, and pool parties. Many of these summer soirées are part of American culture. In fact, we’ve grown up seeing the fireworks and celebrating our freedom on July 4th. This means that while all of these themed parties are awesome, they are such a part of summer life that they became tradition. But, if you’re looking to host a fun party to keep spirits up this summer, or merely luxuriate in some balmy breezes, we’ve got an idea for the perfect party: the luau.

Luaus actually have an empowering, significant, and historical background. Did you know that Hawaii’s religious traditions once required men and women to eat separately? Hawaiians were also restricted from eating uncommon food (AKA the good food and delicacies) throughout the year. The first luau was a giant melee that ensued when King Kamehameha II dined with women. After that, the social controls were  up and the luau as we know it was born!

We’ve done some digging to find examples of how to throw a lively luau. We’ve found two examples for inspiration!

  1. The Flamingo-Themed Festive Luau and Summer-Theme Parties

flamingo party luau summer fun headleveler family healthy happy

This theme incorporates a lot of dazzling colors, like the pink fuchsia flamingos that are easy to find. The color scheme fits well with what we think of as a tropical luau.

Some hints from the examples include:

  • Find neon yellow silverware for some electric utensils.
  • Acceptable patterns for covering tables like sparkly glitter, paper grocery bags cut to look like grass skirts, actual grass skirts draped over white tablecloths, and anything hot pink.
  • Stock elements like balloon flamingos, fake palms, and fruit or floral decor.
  • Fake (or real) pineapples covered in golden-colored foils.
  • Location-related coverings like bamboo backgrounds or waves made out of tissue paper.
  • Incorporating lovely leis.


summer fun luau party happy healthy

For a more general, summer-themed party, our second link gives more examples.

Some ideas are:

  • using donuts with green cardboard to mimic pineapples
  • taking the flamingos poolside, instead of having flamingo balloons, use flamingo floats in the pool
  • hanging beach balls from strings to convey that pool-side atmosphere
  • baking cookies designed to resemble ice cream cones
  • making treats like cookies using neon food coloring to keep it festive
  • having shells, driftwood, and other seashore relics by the pool
  • urge friends to dress according to a beach party theme with lots of shades, skirts, and sunny accessories


Now that you have hit up Pinterest for inspo, or followed a few of the ideas we gathered, there are a couple more elementssummre fun luau happy healthy party to consider. The typical food served at these parties is, ideally, grilled food since ancient Hawaiians cooked with fire pits. We’re not saying you must dig a fire pit, but a luau party gives you an excuse to enjoy tasty chargrilled treats. Additionally, pretty much every food item that is fruit-related is a go at a luau. Luau parties are an ideal time for smoothies and other cooling beverages to let the guests cool off. Ah, beverages, this brings us to our next idea….

Whether you’re a non-drinker or Queen of the Bar, drinks are key to facilitating social interactions because they lower inhibitions. Since this is a DIY luau-themed party, the drink options are actually much more fun than drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Check out our ideas below!

Click links below for inspiration of DIY drinks for a luau party include:

We hope that you have a fabulous flamingo party and remind you that you can always hit your HeadLeveler pillow if you down too many daiquiris.