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Our cervical Headleveler® pillows are designed with your best sleep in mind.

Headleveler®: Invest In a Good Night’s Sleep

If you frequently wake up with a stiff neck or a sore back or shoulders, your pillow may be to blame. The ideal pillow supports you throughout the night by conforming to your head and neck, which in turn alleviates the pressure on your cervical spine. A pillow with the wrong thickness or firmness, on the other hand, can put stress on the vertebrae in your neck and upper back. Discomfort could prevent you from falling – and staying – asleep, or even wake you up in the middle of a deep sleep. Shoulder problems often originate from neck pain, so stabilizing your neck during your sleep is very important!

Headleveler®: Why a Custom Pillow?

A personalized pillow takes into consideration your neck length – an essential part to a good sleep! Headleveler®’s concierge service helps you find the right pillow for your height, weight, mattress type and sleeping patterns. Headleveler® is the most trusted pillow by healthcare professionals and specialized health centres.

Headleveler®: Meet Our Pillows

Our cervical Headleveler® pillows are designed with your best sleep in mind. We do that by taking into consideration the length of your neck, your height and body weight, as well as your preferred sleeping position. Our hypoallergenic, machine-washable pillows are filled with high-quality, soft polyester fibre and contain three different-sized compartments to provide the best support for your neck and spine. Compartmentalizing the pillow fill allows for minimum stuffing displacement, meaning you get consistent support throughout the night. Headleveler® offers four different sizes of pillows that correspond to mattress size, as well as seven different thicknesses and support levels for people of all sizes. That means there’s something for everyone.

Headleveler®: Made-to-Measure

Headleveler®’s pillows come in seven different thicknesses, allowing you to find the one that supports your neck and head the best! The difference between our pillow thicknesses is akin to a half-size difference in shoe size – it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but those extra millimetres can make for a stark contrast in comfort level! Our pillows also come in four sizes (standard, queen, king & travel), giving you the power to maximize your nightly comfort. Keep in mind that the softer the mattress you sleep on, the thinner your pillow needs to be to keep your head properly aligned.

Headleveler® | Customized to fit your personal measurements

Did you know that our pillow has been famous to health care professionals as Ortho-Cerv®, the Cervical Pillow, for over 30 years? Our pillows are designed to offer premium back, neck and shoulder support. Moreover, they may be customized to fit your personal measurements! Learn more in this video featuring Dr Jean-Pierre Morisset, Chiropractor & spokesperson for the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec, and co-host of The Back Doctor Show on CJAD.

Headleveler®: Our Junior Pillows

The Junior pillow is a much smaller version of the adult Headleveler® pillow and is made for a child’s neck curvature.

Now available – the custom-made pillowcase that fits your Junior pillow and makes it easier to bring along on any outing.