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We love our customers and are fully dedicated to making the highest quality pillows and offer outstanding customer service!

“I believe that the Headleveler is the most original approach to pillows I have ever tried.”
Phillip Dupuis, Pierrefonds, Canada
“I recommend the Ortho-Cerv [Headleveler] pillows to all of my patients. It’s a great cervical pillow that will ensure you get a great night’s sleep!”
Nathalie Beauchamp, Chiropractor and Health & Wellness Expert
“This is my first Headleveler pillow. They took my measurements and gave me the perfect pillow. Now, I get a great sleep and I can see the workmanship and quality that goes into it.”
Gordon, Beaconsfield, Canada
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Headleveler - the only made to measure pillow for the whole family !

Hand-made, hypo-allergenic, washable pillows customized to fit your personal measurements.
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